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Will You ServeFlo?




What is ServeFlo?
ServeFlo is a season of service which area churches, businesses, non-profits and individuals come together to serve/love Florence, SC. This year's dates are June 15 Blood Drive and June 26 Clean up and Paint day.

Covid has impacted the amount of work we are doing this year.  But we are responding to a request by Florence City Council to help clean up our community.  Many of our neighborhoods need attention.   

This year we will be meeting at First Baptist on June 26th at 7:00am and fanning out around the community to Clean Up discarded furniture, mattresses, TV's, tires etc.. As well as collect as much trash as we can. 

If that doesn't sound appealing we are forming a Paint team to spruce up the inside of Manna House as well. 

Find our projects page to sign up today!! 

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